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Complaint Department Numbers and Emails


About Frenchs

French is a Romance language spoken by approximately 300 million people around the world. It was first developed in France and has since become one of the official languages of 29 countries, including Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. French’s long history as an international lingua franca (language used for communication between different cultures) has had a major influence on other languages worldwide; its vocabulary includes words from Latin, Germanic tongues like English or Dutch plus Arabic while it follows rules similar to those found in Italian and Spanish but with some unique features such as gender agreement between nouns & adjectives which can be difficult for learners!

What is Frenchs's phone and customer care email?

You can call Frenchs’s customer service phone number at (800) 841-1256 and you can email their corporate office at

What is Frenchs's corporate address?

Frenchs’s corporate address is McCormick and Company, Inc, 24 Schilling Road, Hunt Valley,, Maryland, 21031, United States.

What's the best time to contact them?

To get in touch with Frenchs, you should call them between 8:00am and 5:30pm EST on weekdays.

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